Funkier Sounds 5th January 2024


A massive Happy New Year to you, hope you enjoyed December’s delights and are feeling ready to smash 2024! Remember - it’s a leap year, so you’ve got a whole extra 24 hours to make it happen.

This week...

  • Can’t Hold Back on this free download

  • Funkier Sounds radio show with… me!

  • New music - a deep acid disco remix 🤘

  • Gem of the Week

Can’t Hold Back on this free download


Kicking of 2024 with more of the free download goodness - I’ve been working on an edit of Can’t Hold Back (Your Lovin’) by Kano just for you lovely people. As usual I’ve beefed things up, moved some bits around and I’ve also done a bit of light stems work on this one. As ever, it’s totally free for you to download and enjoy as you please.


Funkier Sounds radio show with… me!


I had the pleasure of hosting my first radio show of the year on January 1st, in a slightly hungover state as is customary for the first day of the year. Sadly my guest mix didn’t arrive in time so it was two hours of me again - my usual selection box of sweet treats in the first hour, then me again with a mix I did for another radio show a couple of months back. It’s quite a good mix actually - lots of African-inspired vibes building to some jazzy house goodness in the second half.


New music - a deep acid disco remix 🤘

la calldita

Ooh - I’ve got some new music out! This one’s a remix for a Mexican band called Called Cybil Bennett, which was founded by my friend Vincent Galgo. I took their twangy guitar track La Calladita and slowed it right down, added some bubbly acid and created a throbbing deep disco chugger of a rework. I’ve not done loads of remixes and this was a rare case of the end result actually sounding quite like the tune in my head that I set out to create. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it’s out on Nine Tails Records to buy or stream now!


Gem of the Week

Back to the late 70s for our latest gem, with a track called Miss Fine Lover by the weirdly named Flakes. Pianos to start, then some tasty strings. An extremely funky bassline takes over and carries us into those lovely falsetto vocals. What a joyous piece of music!

Go get it, and I’ll see you soon.

Tom xx