Funkier Sounds 27th October 2023


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This week...

  • Introducing Funkier Sounds

  • Funkier Sounds Radio Show with Sarahtonin

  • Something free (but not from me!)

  • Gem of the Week

Introducing Funkier Sounds

funkier sounds

I've just unveiled Funkier Sounds, the new name for lots of the stuff I'm doing now and hope to be doing in the future. My medium term plan is to start a record label and events series called Funkier Sounds, but for now I've renamed this newsletter and my radio show, and launched a new thing called Funkier Sounds London.

Funkier Sounds London is a curated listing of the very best events in London. The idea is that each week I'll select a handful (literally just 2 or 3) of the very best parties happening in London that weekend, and promote them on the new Instagram account with the Funkier Sounds stamp of approval. As long as the music can be described as funky in some way, genre isn't really important - it's more about the vibe. I'm looking to shine a spotlight on events with friendly, inclusive crowds and minimum negative attitude.

I know lots of you lovely readers don't live in London so I won't go on about it loads on here, but for anyone that's interested please give the Instagram account below a follow to stay up to date!


Funkier Sounds Radio Show with Sarahtonin


This week was the first radio show with the new name, but the 119th show overall! It was the same winning formula - I was all over the place in my bit of the show, covering obscure disco, red hot edits, soulful house, weird funky bits, and since our guest mix this time was only 45 mins I used my extra 15 mins to simmer down with some divine slow jams. The guest mix was totally worth waiting for though, as I was lucky enough to bring you a mix from one of the best DJs in London at the moment, Sarahtonin. I’ve seen Sarah a couple of times warming things up expertly for Low Life, and I’ll be seeing her again on Saturday. Her mix was short but very sweet - starting with African vibes and working up through chugging, percussive rare disco.


Something free… but not from me!

rock the boat

From now on I'm going to do my darndest to bring you some free music every newsletter, alternating between free stuff from me and good quality freebies from elsewhere. This time I’ve got something posted by my good friend Ken, creator of Discoholics Anonymous. It’s an edit of the slightly cheesy disco classic Rock The Boat by Hues Corp. created by Liverpudlian Slo Mo maestro Ben Jamin. His version is slowed down, dubbed out, slightly acid tinged, and very nice indeed. And it’s free!


Gem of the Week

Another late 70s gem for you here, courtesy of Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell. This wonderful track is called Woo Together and it came out in 1978. It’s got definite P-Funk vibes thanks to Bernie’s keys, but stands up on its own with rambunctious, swaggering and unfeasibly funky bass. RIP Bernie, we all need Woo like this.

We need more love in the world right now, spread some won’t ya?

Tom xx