Funkier Sounds 10th November 2023


Hey, how are you? Well I hope!

This week...

  • Free download of a Mariah song (no, not that one!)

  • Choose your tempo…

  • I've got a few gigs left this year!

  • Please could you vote for me?

  • Gem of the Week

Free download of a Mariah song (no, not that one!)


I don't consider myself to have all that much innate musical talent, but every so often my brain just plucks an idea out of nowhere and presents it to me. I was literally brushing my teeth a while back when my brain said 'hey, Tom! You know that Mariah Carey tune that goes 'And we'll linger on…'? Yeah that one, the one you haven't heard for years. You need to speed it up and put garage beats over it!' So I did as I was told, this is what happened, and I'm quite pleased with it. I tried to lose the key change but it didn't work, so I had to keep it in. This one's all yours absolutely free, and hopefully gives you an alternative this Mariah Season…


Choose your tempo…


My last two livestreams were sort of opposites - two weeks ago it was a slo mo special with slinky jams from artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Dame Shirley Bassey, A Tribe Called Quest and George Michael, never getting above about 110BPM.Then last week I started at 125BPM and worked upwards. It was a deep and soulful house affair, so nothing too heavy, and we ended up on a nice US garage tip taking in sounds from Disclosure, Saison, Opolopo and Moodymann along the way. Pick your vibe!


I've got a few gigs left this year!


I'm happy to be spinning a good few times for the remainder of this year. Most of them are bar gigs - playing not quite the music I'd like to be playing mostly disinterested drinkers, but for pretty good money. These ones can be a bit lonely, so if you happen to be in the area do pop in and say hi! Many of them are in front of the impressive selection of vinyl shown above (it's real but purchased from charity shops, and they don't even have turntables 🤦). I've also got a private thing (if you know, you know!), plus it's just been announced that I'll be joining my good pals Late Night Disco in Hackney Wick on 16th December - quite a bit going on!


Please could you vote for me?

I entered a DJ competition a while back, did an audition… And got through to the quarter finals! There's a voting aspect in this stage, and I'd be immensely grateful if you could spare a few seconds to sling a vote my way. Apparently these are then multiplied by the judges’ scores for the live mix I'll be doing, and the top three progress to the semi finals. The only catch is that it costs £1 to vote… but if you’ve ever enjoyed my music or mixes I’d be so, so grateful if you were able to spare some change to kindly do so. PLUS - if I ever see you I’ll buy you a pint, which at London prices is a very good return on your £1 investment! 


Gem of the Week

Heading back further than usual for this one, over half a century - right back to the turn of the seventies to take a listen to Direct Me by Clydie King. This tune’s got a big happy vocal, plinky piano and some lovely brass too, and the whole song sounds nicely burnished and scratchy like the proper vintage gem that it is. And it comes in at under two and a half minutes!

Keep it real until next time folks,

Tom xx