Funkier Fridays 9th June 2023


Hey, welcome to any new readers out there, and hello again to any regulars - thanks for coming back!

This week...

  • What should I edit?

  • My friend got ripped off by a DJ - we’re doing a fundraiser

  • Funkier Radio with Lyle Sutherland

  • Westival’s coming!

  • Gem of the Week

What should I edit?

I like making edits and giving them away to you in this newsletter. I've got an enormous list of tracks that I'll probably never get around to working on, but I wanted to throw it open to you lovely people for some suggestions! Is there a song (any genre) you've always wanted to be edited, reworked or mashed up that you think I could do a good job on? Or do you have a ridiculous suggestion that you'd love to see me struggle with and make a tit out of myself?

Send me your ideas by clicking below, I'll compile a selection of my favourites and a few of the silliest ones and put it to a vote. Then I'll edit the winner and give it away to you all in a future newsletter!


My friend got ripped off by a DJ :(

My friend Kaz is a promoter, a DJ, a single mum and a lovely person. A few months back she got ripped off to the tune of 4 grand by a big name DJ who didn’t show up to some gigs she paid him for (I won’t name him here, you’ll have to click below to find out). This has caused her no end of financial and mental hardship, and we’ve started a little fundraiser to try and get some of her money back. Donations are very welcome indeed, as is spreading the word so we can stop anyone else getting ripped off by this mug. Full story here…


Funkier Radio with Lyle Sutherland

My latest episode of Funkier Radio featured an absolutely lovely guest mix from a DJ who also creates rather tasty bespoke DJ furniture, Lyle Sutherland. I really enjoyed Lyle’s mix and I think you will too, and what’s more he’s on the line up with me for Westival next month, which is going to be amazing…


Westival’s coming!

…Speaking of Westival, if you’re looking for a small, friendly, laid back festival in a beautiful location with a top line up of electronic music artists (and me), why not check it out and consider buying a ticket? With rising costs across the board it’s an extremely tough time for the independent festival scene, and they need all the help they can get to keep the UK’s scene vibrant and exciting. We want festivals like this to survive and thrive!


Gem of the Week

Ooft, the bassline on this one - You + Me = Love by Undisputed Truth from 1976. I’m drawn to growly little basslines like this, the tune starts with just the bass, then the rest of the joyous elements fall into place around it. This one’s an absolute banger.

Take care, and wear suncream.

Tom xx