Funkier Fridays 6th January 2023


New year, new... sletter? Hope you enjoyed the festivities since we last spoke and are gearing up for a big 2023.

This week...

  • Freebie - Touch My Bumper

  • A new thing! Radio Funkier

  • My new tune - A Fraction Of Your Love

  • Read my interview with ZO Magazine

  • Gem of the Week


Freebie - Touch My Bumper


I've mangled the wonderful Billy Ocean for this bizarre little edit - I found a nice hook in Billy's 80s-tastic Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car and made a track out of it. This one was actually available on my friend Ken's Discoholics Anonymous blog a few months back, but he kindly gave his blessing for me to send it out to you good people too. Please head to Ken's blog and check out the goodies within, and click below for a free download of this one


Radio Funkier

radio funkier

I've been relentlessly churning out radio shows, livestreams and guest mixes for a few years now, and I've realised that it all adds up to a few weeks' worth of continuous music! Rather than letting it sit on Soundcloud I thought I'd try giving it a new lease of life, and I've launched a brand new 24/7 music channel on Twitch. Non stop playback of my shows, including the wonderful guest DJs I've welcomed on to my radio show over the years. I'd be really grateful if you could hit subscribe on Twitch via the link below... and if at any time of day or night you're ever in need of some funky sounds, Radio Funkier is there for you. 


New tune - A Fraction Of Your Love


I've got some new music out soon, on Andy Bach's Disco Machine Records. This tune isn't the first time I've sampled Bobby Thurston, and it might not be the last. It flips up his excellent tune Main Attraction and gives it a little acid chug. It's just come out as a Traxsource promo (and they've made it a Weekend Weapon - yay!), and will be out everywhere else in a week or two


I did an interview with ZO Magazine


Ahead of the release of A Fraction of Your Love, I chatted to the lovely people at ZO Magazine about life, livestreams, radio shows, how I see the current scene and some of my plans for 2023. I love doing stuff like this, and it shows because I got a bit carried away with some of my answers! Grab a brew and get stuck in...


Gem of the Week

Winding the clock back to the year I was born, this is one of my favourite track names of all time - the spectacularly titled Spunk In The Funk by Blue Denim Band. Hilarious title aside, this tune is awesome - chunky driving bass, bubbling guitars, irresistible horns and dead groovy shuffling percussion. Might just have to sample this one of my 2023 creations!

That's me done for now, take care of yourselves 😘

Tom xx