Funkier Fridays 4th August 2023


Greetings from a rainy London. This week’s one is pretty short - I managed to pick up a minor fracture in my arm at Westival two weeks ago (I’m fine!), so typing’s not the easiest. Luckily I can still DJ though, and I made it through my set with a broken arm - rock and roll! 🤘

This week...

  • A not-actually-that-new release from me…

  • Funkier Radio with Jade Edwards

  • Infinite Funkier Sounds

  • Gem of the Week

A not-actually-that-new release from me

Take Control

Life's been getting in the way of music production lately, so I don't have any new releases or freebies just now (although I've got a few ready to go!). But I totally forgot to write about this one that came out a little while back. It's a slow mo, chugged out groover called Take Control - based on a fairly obscure gospel disco tune. It came out on an Electric Friends compilation at the start of June 2023. Listen and/ or support here…


Funkier Radio with Jade Edwards


Life's also been getting in the way of my Thursday night livestreams, but one thing that I'm not going to let life get in the way of is my radio show! My latest episode featured a fantastic guest mix from Jade Edwards, a DJ who I had the pleasure of playing alongside at Good Custard in Manchester recently. I was really impressed by her tune selection, skill and energy behind the decks, so just had to get her on for a mix. And it's a good one!


Infinite Funkier Sounds

Guest Mixes

I've mentioned my Spotify playlist Funkier Sounds before. It's updated and trimmed back regularly, and I've just updated it with some highlights from my Westival set. But I've got another, constantly growing playlist too. Infinite Funkier Sounds features all the tracks that have ever been in Funkier Sounds - an ever expanding repository of funky, groovy tunes from across the decades, genres and BPMs. Currently 438 tracks in there but eventually it’ll get to, well not quite infinity… but lots!


Gem of the Week

Another one from the best year in music, 1983! This one is I Think I Want To Dance With You by Rumple-Stilts-Skin - a track I first became aware of thanks to a bizarre fidget house track that sampled it some time ago (which I still love and occasionally play). Took me a while to discover the original, but it’s so great - starting with a cheesy but oh-so-good sax, then some wibbly synths, male and female vocal and then that fantastically wonky chorus. Yes!

Take very good care of yourselves - you’re awesome.

Tom xx