Funkier Fridays 29th September 2023


Greetings, folk of the funk.

This week...

  • Bustin’ still Makes Me Feel Good (free download)

  • Feel Good (Funkier) Friday

  • Do YouTube?

  • Gem of the Week

Bustin’ still Makes Me Feel Good


A couple of years back when I was near the start of my production journey I did a rework of the classic Ghostbusters theme and gave it away as a free Halloween download, and it did quite well. I beefed it up a bit last year, and this year I've updated it again, now that my production and mixing skills are (hopefully) improved. This version is definitely better - I've replaced the kick with a fatter one, made the bass chuggier and got that top end a bit more sparkly. And of course on this Friday 13th, it's free as an early Halloween treat for you, no tricks here.


Feel Good (Funkier) Friday

Feel Good Friday

A couple of weeks back I had the immense honour of hosting one of my favourite shows, Pete Ellison's Feel Good Friday. This show started during lockdown and is still going strong, and I'm pretty sure it's how I first started talking to Pete, who is now a good friend. I've done two guest mixes but he needed someone to host the first hour live, so that's exactly what I did. I was lucky enough to host a stunning guest mix from Boston-based wizard GMGN, and the show has spent time this week at the top of the Soundcloud disco chart! By the way, Pete's show goes out every Friday, at the exact time this newsletter hits your inbox, so head to NDC’s page to tune into some funky tunes live


Do YouTube?


If you do, I’d appreciate a follow on my YouTube channel. It’s where the video versions of my weekly livestreams live, so are a good source of laughs if you want to see my awkward dining room dance moves or follow along with the on-screen tracklist of funky nuggets. I’m also in the very slow process of uploading video versions of all the music I’ve released on a label or as a freebie… or at least the tracks that don’t make me cringe these days. So hit that Subscribe button for regular funky audiovisual content from myself!


Gem of the Week

Something dusty and forgotten but wonderful this time - Sun Is Always Shining by Judy Storey. I have no idea who Judy Storey is, and all I know about this track is that it apparently came out in 1978. It’s a simple but utterly joyful disco tune - simple instrumentation but carried by Judy’s wonderful singing plus some wonderful backing vocals. This one is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face over those dark winter months.

Big love to you, brothers and sisters!

Tom xx