Funkier Fridays 25th November 2022


Welcome to your regular dose of funky delights. Here's what I've got in store for you this time...

  • Trim Those Trees (Free and slightly festive)

  • Catch me at a free London party

  • Funkier Sounds Spotify Playlist

  • Funkier Radio Episode 95

  • Event Spotlight - La Rosa

  • I did an interview!

  • Gem of the Week

Is it too early to Trim Those Trees?

trim those trees

Like any sane person Christmas songs generally annoy me, but I spotted a groovy little bassline in Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses last year and pledged to make an edit out of it. So here it is - a dubbed out, chugged out disco sort of version, and aside from that rolling bassline there's not too much of the original anywhere to be seen... thankfully? This one's a little Christmas present for you - spread the love and gift it to a friend!


I'm playing at a free party in London

93 feet east

Whilst we're on the subject of free stuff, I wanted to let you know that I'm playing a free party next Friday with the lovely people of Pineapple Police Horse. I won a mix competition to play for them, and I couldn't be more excited! Would absolutely love if any London people out there could come down and say hi - you can grab a free ticket via the link below


I've made a Spotify playlist

funkier sounds

I've created a Spotify playlist, filled with tracks I've been playing in my shows and sets. I'll be updating this every week with fresh tracks from across the decades, genres and BPMs, so if fresh and funky music every week sounds good to you, hit the little green heart in Spotify to have tunes pumped directly into your ears. This week you can find some tasty African-inspired beats and some nourishing funk and soul.


Funkier Radio Episode 95 - Hansel & Gretel Guest Mix

funkier radio 95

For my latest radio show I was really happy to welcome on talented twins Hansel & Gretel for a wonderful mix of funky deep and tech house. Impeccable vibes throughout from these two, who have been lighting up DJ booths in London and beyond over the last year with their infectiously fun DJ sets. You can listen to their brilliant mix below, and I also snuck a couple of brand new tracks from me into the first hour!


Event Spotlight - La Rosa

If you want to see my latest guests Hansel & Gretel doing their thing in real life, my friend Leon La Rosa is putting on a party at The Lower Third in Soho this Saturday! The headliner is the driving force behind Ibiza’s Zoo Project and the notorious *RiffRaff in Middlesbrough, Lee Pennington, with H&G and Leon supporting Lee.

Hit the link below and enter the code ‘blackfriday’ for some half price tickets! There’s a limited amount of discounts available using this code so get to it.


I did an interview!


I had a chat with my good friend Ken Avalon, boss of the Discoholics Anonymous record label and blog, and creator of the fantastic Hot To The Touch radio show. We chatted about some stuff I've been up to, some stuff I hope to be up to, and what makes a good edit. I hate the sound of my own voice but I didn't actually sound too bad, and Ken has put a lovely feature about me on his blog. I'm hugely grateful for Ken's support since the early days of me producing, and it would make me happy if you could show his brilliant blog some love!


Gem of the Week

This is another lovely gem that only came to my attention through an edit - COEO's tune of the same name. Another one showing off my fetish for early 80s funk treasures, the original is just bliss... uplifting vocal, sparse but effective arrangement focussing around that sweet sweet bass guitar. Pure joy!

Right, that was a bit of a long one sorry. Hope you found something of interest, and feel free to hit reply and say hi!

Take good care of yourselves,

Tom xx