Funkier Fridays 23rd December 2022


Welcome to my last newsletter of 2022!

This week...

  • A Christmas gift of a whole load of free music!

  • Christmas party livestream, with a big name dropping by..

  • Share the gift of this newsletter...?

  • Label Focus: Sundries

  • Gem of the Week


A Christmas gift of a whole load of free music!


I've packaged up a nice little bundle of some of my free edits all in one convenient package, and you're very welcome to grab any that you want! There's edits of Aretha Franklin, Lizzo, Chemical Brothers, Art of Tones, The Trammps, Con Funk Shun and more, so dig in! Oh, and feel free to share the link with anyone else who might want these...


Christmas party livestream, featuring a visit from Michael Gray!

I did a little Christmas party livestream last night, and I was honoured to have a visit from disco royalty - Michael Gray! Michael very kindly dropped by after his own stream and brought a whole load of his viewers, quite a few of whom stuck around for mine. I played strictly (ish) rare funk, disco and boogie, and had lots of fun having a few new people along for the musical ride with me.

Don't forget there's also a Spotify playlist that I update every week with the tracks from my livestreams, conveniently placed so you don't have to listen to me mess up some of the mixing...


Share the gift of this newsletter...?

Do you know anyone who would be into this sort of content? If so, why not give them... and me... a little Christmas gift by inviting them to sign up for my newsletter? The direct sign up link is below...

I can't ask you to just put their email address in for them as that's not cool from a data protection point of view, but if you could share the link with them and ask if they'd like to sign up I'd be hugely grateful. I really want to grow this newsletter next year and spread the funky word far and wide!


Label focus: Sundries


Sundries is one of a clutch of labels owned by talanted producer and top guy Igor Gonya. I'm hugely grateful to Igor for the support he gave me when I was just starting out as a producer, and continues to give me now. My very first label release was on one of his labels and I've got more to come in 2023. Sundries straddles disco and dusty, jazzy house and has recently hosted some of the best names of the scene including Groovemasta, Alexny, Hotmood, Scruscru and Prisma Deer. Check out some of their glorious grooves below...


Gem of the Week

Heres another one from that golden era the early 80s - an absolutely divine slice of boogie funk from the wonderful High Fashion. Effortlessly cool, loads of feeling and still founds lush and crisp today. And a little bit of cowbell never hurt anyone, did it?

OK, I'm done. Wishing you the merriest, funkiest Christmas, and let's catch up in the new yer shall we?

Tom xx