Funkier Fridays 20th January 2023


Welcome to my second newsletter of 2023, I hope the year has been good to you so far. I've got lots of big plans for the year so stay tuned... however January's always a bit slow so it's a shorter email this time.

This week...

  • Evening Funkier - New Livestreams

  • Funkier Radio with Space Jams

  • Label Focus - Good Custard Records

  • Gem of the Week

Evening Funkier - New Livestreams


The last few Thursday evenings have seen me get behind the decks for a little Twitch session. Last night's one was a strictly disco and boogie affair, with lots of under the radar but nevertheless brilliant tracks. It's a different vibe every Thursday, so give us a follow on Twitch if you fancy tuning in live one week, and head to the convenient Soundcloud playlist for previous episodes (without me chatting s**t over the music!)... and don't forget the Spotify playlist too, with most of the tracks I play, not badly mixed together by me! 


Funkier Radio with Space Jams

space jams

My little radio show is thundering towards its 100th episode, and for episode 99 I welcomed on Space Jams for an eclectic, fast moving hour of funky tunes from across the disco and house spectrum. He kindly invited me on to his excellent radio show recently, so I was pleased to return the favour, and he didn't disappoint! Check it out below, and stay tuned for the big 100 in a couple of weeks! 


Label Focus - Good Custard Records

good custard

Good Custard is a fledgling label from top guys Matt and Scott AKA Mascott from Manchester UK. They've been putting on excellent parties for a little while now, and a label was the logical progression of their vision for world domination. They may only be one release in, but what a release it was - a powerful slab of scorching disco from my friend Jet Boot Jack, along with a fab remix from Ladies on Mars. Keep an eye out as this label is going to do big things, and release number 2 from C Da Afro is just around the corner... featuring a cheeky remix from yours truly! 


Gem of the Week

Our latest gem is one of those irresistible little nuggets of disco brilliance that's so good it makes me sad for a moment that it's not better known, until I come to my senses and realise it's far better for it to remain a hidden little secret for those who look hard enough. It's by Bileo, who as far as I can see only ever released a couple of tracks - this one and the unbelievable You Can Win. This one's disco perfection - simple, uplifting and effective. What a track! 

Thanks for reading. I've got a big announcement in a couple of weeks, hope to see you then.

Tom xx