Funkier Fridays 15th September 2023


…well, it’s actually been quite a nice end to the summer here in London, but anyway…

This week...

  • A free Bananarama download

  • I’ve been pressed onto vinyl!

  • Catch me on Beyond Borders tonight

  • Gem of the Week

A free Bananarama download

Cruel Summer

You voted, I (eventually) delivered! It's taken me a while, I could make a bad joke about it being because I've had a cruel summer… But here it is - my edit of Cruel Summer by Bananarama! I think it's turned out alright too. I attempted to stay as true as possible to the original but it seems I'm incapable of doing that, so it's ended up quite different - found some nice loopy bits in there and only used half of one verse. Anyway, free download as promised - like, dislike, share, dance, enjoy, mock… The choice is yours!


I’ve been pressed on to vinyl!


I'm very excited indeed to have some vinyl out! I'm part of a four tracker called Kiwi Jam that's out on Moiss Music now. I've been lucky enough to have a load of digital releases over the last couple of years, but something feels very special about having something out on physical media - especially vinyl, where I can literally see my music on it! It's not coming to digital, so if you're turntablely-inclined you can pick up a copy here…


Catch me on Beyond Borders tonight

Beyond Borders

My good friend Greg Middleton, creator of the fantastic night Borderline, does a monthly radio show on NDC. It’s called Beyond Borders, and it features the sort of music you won’t find at Borderline’s ‘well known but good floorfillers’ playlists - under the radar gems, forgotten treasures, good quality underground house and disco. He’s very kindly invited me along for a live B2B on tonight’s show, and we’d love you to tune in! The link below will take you to NDC’s page where the broadcast will be happening from 9pm, and there’s talk of a cheeky livestream on Greg’s Twitch too!


Gem of the Week

Turning back the clock to 1981 this time for a lesser known cut from the very well known Kool & The Gang. Recorded when they were at the height of their powers, I love this track because it’s an unfamiliar tune yet has all those familiar peak K&TG elements - the jangly guitars, bright brass stabs, tight 4/4 percussion and those distinctive vocals. It’s a catchy one too, with a nice message.

So let’s go - take it, to the top!

Tom xx