Funkier Fridays 12th May 2023


Hey, welcome to another edition of Funkier Fridays, your fortnightly foray into fantastic funky fings

This week...

  • I'm back on Hot Gorilla

  • Funkier Radio's 4th Birthday

  • Slo mo special on my latest livestream

  • Dance Off, Bro

  • Gem of the Week

I'm back on Hot Gorilla

lovers boogie

I'm thrilled to be returning to one of my favourite labels - Andy Buchan and Conan The Selector's Hot Gorilla. This time I'm on remix duties for a producer who I admire very much - Solazz - who is behind Work It Out, one of my absolute favourite tracks from last year. Lover's Boogie puts a fresh disco spin on a classic Brenda Taylor vocal, and my remix slows things down into chuggy territory. Hot Gorilla have just been named as Junodownload's label of the month, and any support, charts, shares or whatever would be massively appreciated by all of us


Funkier Radio's 4th birthday

fr 107

It was my radio show's 4th birthday on Monday (give or take a few days), and I managed to totally forget! So no cake, no balloons and no bouncy castle, but luckily I'd already lined up an excellent guest mix from a lovely chap known as Schoon Jr. He's the UK ambassador for theBasement Discos - another one of my favourite labels, and can regularly be found DJing around London. He's put together a wonderful hour of grooves on the housier side of things, and I'd love if you could check it out and show some love to my guest...


Slo mo special on my latest livestream

ef 122

Quite a few of my productions and DJ sets recently have been pushing towards 130BPM and I've been really getting a taste for life at these higher tempos. But every so often I like to show things back down to a hazy chug and remind myself that funk exists across a range of BPMs. So for this livestream I kept it sloooow, starting off under 100 and maxing out at a huge 106BPM. And you know what? I absolutely loved it. Had a chance to play a load of my own productions that don't get out much these days, as well as some of the very funkiest tracks in my collection. Slow things down and tune in...


Dance Off, Bro

dance off, bro

I've got a few new label releases lined up over the coming months, but in the meantime here's one that originally came out last year. I was surprised to see that this one is getting a rerelease as a single on Heavy, sister label to Kolour which released it last year. This one's a deep & hazy, rhodes-based lofi house roller with a little Marvel twist. If you missed it first time around, here it is again


Gem of the Week

Returning to the year of my birth and the apex of groovy boogie music, 1983 for this one. some nice dreamy synth strings are in the background while the bassline once again takes centre stage - I bloody love basslines like this. Top vocals too, then some more synths for good measure. Hooray for 80s synths!

Take care, take it easy and take good care of your loved ones

Tom xx