Funkier Fridays 11th November 2022


Hey, hope you're having a funky November. Let's get stuck in to your regular dose of all things Funkier. Here's what I've got for ya this week...

  • All Aboard The Disco Express...! (Free Music)

  • The return of my livestream - Evening Funkier

  • Label Focus - Only Good Vibes Music

  • Space Jams

  • Gem of the Week

All aboard The Disco Express...!

xpress edits

I'm over the moon to be featured on the latest instalment of The Disco Express' edits compilation. It's a label I absolutely love, have featured in my label focus on here before, and have been trying to blag my way on to for a while. My track is a pumped up version of L.T.D.'s forgotten disco stomper Dance 'N' Sing 'N', and you can grab all four tracks on the comp completely free on the release day (14th November), or pay the bargain price of one pound to preorder now... which I suggest you do as the other tracks are excellent.

The return of my livestream - Evening Funkier


After a 3 week break for ADE and various other reasons, I was happy to be back on the livestream train last week. This one was one of those delightfully unpredictable sets where I'd just downloaded a load of stuff and so played mostly from that unfamiliar crate of brand new bits. These sets are always great fun as I never know what's coming next, but I'm really excited about some of the tracks in this mix

Label Focus


Only Good Vibes is a label based in Glasgow and run by lovely chaps The Knutsens. Despite being relatively new on the scene with only 13 releases to date, they've quickly made a name for themselves with some quality tunes from DC Larue, Opolopo, Dr Packer, Mark Brickman and more. Opolopo's version of Let Them Dance is one of my genuine firm favourites of the last couple of years, and I have fond memories of hearing Horse Meat Disco drop it at Bestival in the summer. Check their tracks below...

Space Jams!

space jams

With all the excitement of ADE and life and stuff I totally forgot to mention my latest guest mix appearance, for Jack Dyson's amazing Space Jams Radio a few weeks back. I'm really pleased with this mix - a lovely little journey through some funky landscapes before locking into some housier grooves towards the end. You can check it out below if you fancy 23 tracks in 60 minutes, plus Jack's excellent selections in the first hour.

Gem of the Week

This week's gem is literally Sizzlin' Hot! I've got Caribou/ Daphni to thank for switching me on to this very obscure but very joyous, cowbell-laden 1981 jam. Apart from being a total bitch to mix I love everything about this, and it puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it.

I'm done, stay funky, speak soon friends!

Tom xx